All Time Stop Now


Sep 29 - 30, 2023 Roy and Edna Disney/Calarts Theater (REDCAT), Los Angeles, California

Nov 30 - Dec 2, 2023 On The Boards, Seattle, Washington


Anna Luisa Petrisko’s experimental opera, All Time Stop Now, is a contemplation on listening, impermanence, and kinship. A chosen family invokes a spell to stop time. In this suspended reality, they grapple with their existence in a time-based world as they search for ways to rest, heal, and feel joy. 

The stage morphs into a “spacetime playground.” Hypersaturated video, projection mapping, sculpture, dance, and new original music from Petrisko’s latest release on Practical Records transform the senses. Her signature prism of mutant pop yields spiritually infused anthems that encompass beauty, sorrow, and discovery.

Each movement is framed by recorded conversations between Petrisko and her best friend, a Buddhist nun who was living in a monastery in Myanmar. The vulnerable exchanges run in parallel to the story, serving as a larger meditation on the need for human connection. 

All Time Stop Now asks, 

“How can we reject the scarcity of time and just be present? 

How can we accept grief, while also experiencing joy? 

Can we stop time and just listen?”

Cast and Crew:

Written and Directed by Anna Luisa Petrisko 

in Collaboration with performers Peter Hernández, Mark Golamco, and Josephine Shetty  

Projection mapping and interactivity design by Ana Carolina Estarita Guerrero

Lighting by Chu-Hsuan Chang

Costumes by Anna Luisa Petrisko and Athena Lawton

Recorded conversations with Mel Pak

Produced in Collaboration with Los Angeles Performance Practice

Stage Manager: Amanda Eno

Photos by Angel Orrigi and by Malcolm Martin